Comparing Internal and External Visitors in Google Analytics

Recently, I got this question about tracking internal and external traffic using Google Analytics based on my post “How to Exclude Internal Visits/Visitors from Google Analytics Reports Using Asynchronous Code“.

Do you know how to filter internal and external visitors so you can compare the two visits? I don’t want to exclude the internal visits from being counted in GA. But, I do want to compare the number of internal vs external visits to pages. Is that possible? I’ve ready a bunch of articles on using filters for excluding internal visits. But haven’t found anything on how to separate the two in a comparison report. I’d like to have a simple report like the Visits that compare with New Visits metric.

The best way to do this is to create separate Google Analytics profiles.

When you use Google Analytics to track traffic on a website,… [ read more ]

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How to Exclude Internal Visits/Visitors from Google Analytics Reports Using Asynchronous Code

As a Goolge Analytics Consultant, McBuzz helps clients learn about traffic on their website so they can improve visitors’ experience and generate more leads and sales. If you have a website, you should be using Google Analytics to track visitors on your site. But you don’t need to track your own visits to the site, nor do you want to track visits made by other people in your company, or by your clients if you are a webmaster or online marketing consultant.


All these visits are called “internal traffic”: visits made by you or by people who work for the company that owns the website. Data from these visits will skew the results that you really want to see. You want to track visits made by customers and potential customers.

There are a number of ways to exclude internal traffic from Google Analytics reports. Continued… [ read more ]

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