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We use WordPress because you need more than just a website.
You need an Online Marketing Strategy.

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WordPress websites are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. They are easy to use, inexpensive and quick to deploy.

But the most important feature of a WordPress business site is the ease with which you can integrate online marketing tools like plugins for search engine optimization, forms that tell you where your leads are coming from, calls-to-action, and Google Analytics to gain insights into your website traffic.

McBuzz adds online marketing features to your website to bring in new visitors and convert them into customers.

We don’t just install these features. We show you how to use them. Be sure to ask other web designers you are considering if these features are included in the cost of the site and if they will be showing you how to use them.

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WordPress Integration with Online Marketing Features

WordPress business websites integrate seamlessly with essential online marketing features, proven tools and techniques like the following:

You can add some of these features on other CMS (content management system) websites, but they will take longer to deploy and they won’t be as easy to work with.

McBuzz Has Extensive WordPress Experience

McBuzz Communications has been building WordPress websites and blogs for businesses since 2007. We know how to explain the web design process to clients so they get what they expect and they are satisfied with the results.

McBuzz owner Mark McLaren of Seattle, WA, is a business blogging consultant, a speaker at WordCamp SeattleWordCamp Vancouver and WordCamp Portland, a founding organizer of the Seattle WordPress Meetup and a recognized authority on WordPress for business.

wordpress.org - websites made with WordPressWordPress websites have significant advantages over the traditional website. WordPress sites are:

  • Easier to edit and update
  • More professional (in looks, navigation and features)
  • Automatically optimized for search engines
  • Built to incorporate social media features like RSS, LinkedIn badges, Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations – you name it!
  • Made with free, “open source” software that you will never have to pay to upgrade.

WordPress web sites also have big advantages over the sites built and maintained by “webmasters” or traditional web designers.

With a WordPress site, you can add new pages, add images and all kinds of other media, and, in general, make changes to your site yourself. There’s no need to call a webmaster or pay someone else to do that work any more. Think of the savings in time and money. With WordPress and McBuzz Communications, you get a professionally designed website that looks and runs exactly the way you want it to, without having to rely on someone else to do things like basic maintenance and updates. It’s the best of both worlds.

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If you have questions about WordPress, ask them here and we will answer for free as soon as we have a minute.

“Why Should I Use WordPress?”

WordPress business website for Scontrino-Powell

In 2004, you would have paid over $10,000 for a website with the power and features of today’s WordPress website. Our WordPress sites start at $2,500.

At right is a recent WordPress Website project by McBuzz Communications for management consultants Scontrino-Powell. Not only are WordPress websites less expensive than sites built five or six years ago with similar features, they are also much easier to use. And WordPress sites are automatically optimized for search engines.

You want control of your website.

You don’t want to have to pay a webmaster every time you make a correction, upload an image or add a new page. With WordPress, you can edit and update your website yourself using an intuitive interface that’s easier than using Microsoft Word.

You want people to find you – and your business – online.

Many old-style websites are virtually “invisible” to search engines. WordPress is designed with search engines in mind, so that your web pages are easy to find in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

You want a website that looks great.

With WordPress, a professionally designed site does not have to cost a fortune. McBuzz graphic designers will create just the look-and-feel you want. We can use your logo, colors and fonts as the basis for the design. Like the Scontrino-Powell business website, all our sites are well-organized, with easy-to-use navigation.

You want a website that converts visitors into customers.

See the features listed above: Gravity Forms, SEO plugins, custom landing pages, email marketing, calls-to-action, PayPal, Google Analytics and much more.

You want a website that easily incorporates social media.

Here are some of the contents and social media features you (not a webmaster or someone else that will charge you for their time, but YOU!) can add to your new WordPress website. You can create blog posts, add links, add images, videos, slide presentations and surveys, add your LinkedIn or Twitter badge, add a Flickr photo widget. You can add plugins like ShareThis that make it easy for others to share your blog posts and other content. WordPress developers are always building new features that you can add to your site. Some can be added with just a few clicks. Blogging capability is a built-in feature of WordPress. If you want to use it, it’s there, ready to go.

A WordPress website or blog is one of the smartest, most effective online marketing solutions available. We’ve been building them for over three years, and we know them inside out. Talk to one of our many satisfied customers!

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