Google AdWords™ and Google Analytics

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Are you thinking about using Google AdWords to generate leads? Seattle-based McBuzz Communications offers Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Google AdWords Consulting packages that can help you kick-off AdWords and other Search Engine Marketing campaigns to generate new prospects, educate your market, and get your products and services into the hands of qualified buyers. It’s easy to get started, and you’ll see significant new traffic and conversion results within weeks.

Offer qualified prospects free trial downloads, white papers, case studies or newsletter subscriptions. Or, sell them product immediately. You can do it with just a few low-cost AdWords ads and landing pages designed specifically for your audience. With McBuzz AdWords Consulting, you pitch only to those people who are actively searching for information about your products and services, in Seattle or around the world.

Google AdWords and Analytics Tracking

The AdWords campaign creation process is time-consuming and takes some experience to navigate and optimize. It’s also crucial to integrate Google Analytics conversion tracking capabilities into your campaigns. McBuzz consultants help you set everything up quickly. Our end-to-end process delivers measurable results within days. We manage everything so you can concentrate on your business.

Start-up AdWords campaign consulting package options include the following:

  • Keyword identification and optimization. We help you pick the best words for your target audience, budget and sales goals. (Cost Per Click – CPC – varies based on keyword popularity and the number of clicks per impression. More clicks for less impressions makes for a lower CPC. An impression is recorded every time your AdWords ad shows up in a search result.)
  • AdWords ad copywriting. We write your ads based on what’s working in your particular market right now.
  • Customized landing page design. AdWords ads that link to customized landing pages perform far better than standard Web pages. Prospects find exactly what they are looking for when they click on your ad.
  • Click and conversion reporting. We track all your results with Google Analytics. You see every key statistic – including the number of times your ad is shown, click-through rate (CTR), and conversions per click (e.g. downloads, inquiries, subscriptions, sales).
  • Post-campaign analysis and revisions. Split testing and copy/design variation results show us which combinations of keywords, ads and landing pages are generating the most business. We modify each AdWords campaign to get you the best results.

Contact us today to generate new leads, measure ad campaign results in detail, and see positive ROI within weeks.

Google Analytics - Actionable Information and Results


Google Analytics is a free service from Google that helps you track visitors to your website. It integrates well with Google AdWords, but even if you are not buying AdWords, you can use Google Analytics to improve your website’s overall success.

It’s easy to get a free Google Analytics account. It’s not so easy to set up the account so that you get all the actionable information you need to improve your website. Even if you are getting solid, actionable information, the best action is not necessarily going to be obvious unless you know how to optimize a website!

Installing the Analytics script in your web pages is only an initial step in gathering information you can use and putting it to work.

You also need to:

  1. Configure Analytics filters so that you can make sense of the mounds of information that will come pouring in.
  2. Set measurable goals for your web site so that you can tell if what you are doing is working or not, and so you can see if the changes you make to your site are getting you closer to, or farther away from, your goals.
  3. Monetize your goals (assigning a dollar value to each goal) — even if your site is not an e-commerce site — so that you can calculate the value of a “conversion” on your website (a visitor that buys something, fills out a form, signs up for a newsletter, etc.).
  4. Decide whether the time and money you are putting into your site is paying off or not once you monetize your goals.

Keep in mind that:

  • Most companies fail to get all they can from their website.
  • Web marketing remains one of the most cost-effective means of advertising and sales available.
  • A better website will help you retain the customers you already have.

McBuzz Communications will help you set up Google Analytics and implement all the steps necessary to bring in more business.

Give McBuzz a call now to find out how we can use Google AdWords and Google Analytics to improve your bottom line: (206) 962-9119.