Search Engine Optimization Success – Case Study: WaLaw Realty

SEO Marketing Case Study - WaLaw Realty

McBuzz increased qualified visits to the WaLaw Realty website via organic search traffic from 7 per month to 134 per month in six months.

Industry: Real Estate
Project: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Execution
Business: Specialized real estate brokerage owned and operated by attorneys with a background in real estate law.

Use the company’s new website and blog to increase sales and increase awareness of the business within their target demographic.
Intermediate objectives:
Increase website visibility in search engines. Increase qualified visits to the website & blog.* Increase leads.

Pain Points

(Month of October 2010 – before McBuzz began work)

  1. Organic traffic to the site was 12% of total site traffic. Total site visits: 651
  2. The top 5 organic keywords were all branded, i.e., variations of the business name.
  3. The number of organic keywords bringing qualified visits to the site was 7.
  4. There was no way to confirm conversions coming from either paid or organic search. (The website’s contact form was not linked to Google Analytics.)

Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Execution

  • Extensive interviews with the client to understand target market, value proposition and marketing strategy prior to McBuzz involvement.
  • Keyword research using industry standard tools plus Google Analytics and Google AdWords advertising data.
  • Search engine optimization of the website and blog, including analysis of inbound links and competitors’ websites.
  • Improvements to blog design to facilitate content discovery and visitor retention, including standard and custom widgets, graphic design recommendations, user interface improvements, clean-up and organization, social media plugins, categories vs. tags, etc. (McBuzz has been building WordPress sites since 2007.)
  • Optimization of individual blog posts. Instruction in blogging strategy, content and optimization best practices. Creation of an extensive editorial calendar with recommended topics. (Recommendations are based on extensive marketing communications experience. We do not use gimmicks or SEO tricks.)
  • Ongoing analysis of traffic generated by new blog posts, and, secondarily, of search engine rankings.

Search Optimization Results (as of April 2011)

  1. Organic traffic to the site was 30% of the total, surpassing paid search traffic. Total site visits: 1,720
  2. Four of the top five organic keywords were non-branded, specific to services offered by the client.
  3. The number of organic keywords bringing qualified visits to the site was 134, an increase of over 1,800%.
  4. The website’s contact form is connected to analytics. When we get a conversion (someone submits the contact form) we know the source (referring website, bookmark or search engine), medium (paid or organic search), city, keywords used to search, and a wealth of other information about that conversion.

*For this case study, qualified visits are defined as visits with a bounce rate of less than 100%. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that land on a web page and leave without looking at any other page.