How to Exclude Internal Visits/Visitors from Google Analytics Reports Using Asynchronous Code

As a Goolge Analytics Consultant, McBuzz helps clients learn about traffic on their website so they can improve visitors’ experience and generate more leads and sales. If you have a website, you should be using Google Analytics to track visitors on your site. But you don’t need to track your own visits to the site, nor do you want to track visits made by other people in your company, or by your clients if you are a webmaster or online marketing consultant.


All these visits are called “internal traffic”: visits made by you or by people who work for the company that owns the website. Data from these visits will skew the results that you really want to see. You want to track visits made by customers and potential customers.

There are a number of ways to exclude internal traffic from Google Analytics reports. Continued… Continue reading

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Add Social Media Buttons to Your WordPress Website

A reader just asked about How to Add Social Media Buttons to a WordPress Website. The Google+1 and Facebook “Like” button are important ways to gain visibility for your blog, your brand and your business. Although it’s still fairly new, Google+1 looks like it could become an important factor for sharing and, just as important, for ranking in search results. So it’s a good idea to get on board. Continue reading

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Google Analytics: How to Add a New User to a Google Analytics Account

NOTE: This page needs an update. Until then, you can refer to the Google support page for instructions.
Here’s how to add a new user to your Google Analytics account. You can give anyone access as long as they have a Google account. You can give them “View reports only” access or you can give them “Account Administrator” access. The latter allows the user to add and delete other account users, create filters and change other settings on the account.

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SEO Success with WordPress Presentation/Workshop in Seattle, July 7th

Google Analytics - Actionable Information and Results“SEO Success with WordPress: How to Use a Few Great Plugins and Tools to Make Money with Your WordPress Site” will be the topic of my free, live presentation & workshop at the July Seattle WordPress Meetup on Thursday evening, July 7th at TechStars in South Lake Union, Seattle at 6:30 PM.

UPDATE: July 8, 2011 – The slides for this SEO presentation are embedded below.

Here are the slides from the SEO presentation & workshop.

If you are a WordPress user – or even if not – you’ll learn how to set up your website to collect the essential information you need to find out whether your search engine optimization efforts are paying off.

For more information – including map and directions to TechStars – and to RSVP, visit the SEO Success with WordPress Presentation page on the Seattle WordPress Meetup site.

Here’s a summary of the presentation and workshop, which also appears on our website (link above). You do not need to be a user to attend, but do sign up if you would like to learn more about our very active and growing WordPress group for developers, designers, and users of every stripe, including great support for newbies. […] Continue reading

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Is Search Engine Optimization a Science? Yes. Here's Proof that SEO is a Science, Not a Dark Art

Periodic Table of SEO Ranking FactorsIs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) an art or a science? Or is it neither? Although it’s as old as the Internet itself, SEO is still misunderstood by many folks, even those who know a lot about the Internet and Online Communications. […] Continue reading

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Online Marketing & Good UI Design: Why the Blog Archives Widget is Worthless

If you have a blog and you have an “Archives” Widget in your sidebar, take a minute to ask yourself, “Why is this here?” More than likely, the answer is that is was there by default or you or your webmaster put it there because you need to have something in the sidebar and you have seen other blogs with an Archives menu so you thought you would follow suit. […] Continue reading

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What is a Pingback and Why Should I Care? (Search Marketing 101)

What’s the definition of a pingback? Pingbacks are notifications you get from WordPress (and other similar blogging platforms) when someone links to a post on your blog.

Pingbacks and trackbacks (another form of linking between blogs) are important to search marketing because although many businesses use, or want to use, their blog for online marketing purposes, they usually have no Continue reading

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Best Search Engine Optimization Resources for Beginners

A good comprehensive article on Search Engine Optimization for beginners is hard to find. This is a complaint I hear often. But there are a few good SEO Resources out there. Here are three.

One great Search Engine Optimization resource for beginners is the Google guide. I can’t find a link in the form of a URL, but you can get it here: Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization 101 – How to Choose Keywords: A Lesson from the Bayer Aspirin Marketing Team

Successful online marketers understand the need to talk about their products in terms customers recognize and respond to.

Search Engine Optimization 101 - Choosing Good Keywords - Low Dose Aspirin PackagingChoosing good keywords is hard – no matter what size your business is. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get my clients to see the importance of using language in their marketing materials – including their website – that they themselves wouldn’t necessarily use to talk about their products or services.

Sometimes C-level executives don’t like using words they feel have Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Tutorial Presentation

WordPress SEO – WordCamp Portland 2010 – Full-Length Video Continue reading

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