Powerful Marketing Via Mobile and Web: Use Your Target Audience's Short Attention Span to Your Advantage

Mobile and Web Marketing - Your Audience Has a Short Attention Span!

Checking Email during breakfast? Maybe. Studies show that more people are browsing the Web more often via mobile device. Knowing this, marketers can create successful online content using a rule called "The Bottom Line".

Want to do Powerful Marketing via Mobile and Web? Here’s your target audience summed up in Three Magic Words: Short Attention Span.

Most people don’t read anymore. They skim. You already knew this. But are you applying this knowledge to your marketing efforts every day? Probably not. Instead, when you or your marketing team sets out to build a page of content, you go back to tried and true methods you have been using since high school: You write your Headline or Title (h1 tag), you write your Topic Sentence (or maybe not!), First Paragraph, Second Paragraph, and so on. If you really knock yourself out, you might add an image or a subheading.

Here’s the point (right here on the page you are now reading) where most readers have already decided if they will continue reading or not. If they don’t immediately see the value in what you are saying… Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Strategies: Think Like Your Customers with Maps and Tablets

Three articles in the Seattle Times caught my attention today:

  1. Microsoft’s new tablet, called Microsoft Surface
  2. A technology feature column about Microsoft Surface and what it means for the future of Microsoft
  3. Apple’s new push to replace Google Maps with its own mobile mapping technology
Google currently owns most of the map data you see on your iPhone.

Google currently owns most of the map data you see on your iPhone. The fact that Apple will take control of its mobile map data later this year shows how important this data is for your business.

Each of these is a huge story in itself. Together, they tell us something very important about where personal – and business – computing and communications are going.

As a business owner or someone in marketing, you need to think of your business in terms of how users experience it on a mobile device. Think about building or redesigning your website for mobile users. You need a separate site for mobile, or you need a site that renders appropriately depending on the device of the user. In either case, this means designing with mobile search in mind.

Search engine optimization and usability (“user experience or UX”) are, more and more, becoming one and the same thing. Don’t just think of using keywords or getting links Continue reading

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Comparing Internal and External Visitors in Google Analytics

Recently, I got this question about tracking internal and external traffic using Google Analytics based on my post “How to Exclude Internal Visits/Visitors from Google Analytics Reports Using Asynchronous Code“.

Do you know how to filter internal and external visitors so you can compare the two visits? I don’t want to exclude the internal visits from being counted in GA. But, I do want to compare the number of internal vs external visits to pages. Is that possible? I’ve ready a bunch of articles on using filters for excluding internal visits. But haven’t found anything on how to separate the two in a comparison report. I’d like to have a simple report like the Visits that compare with New Visits metric.

The best way to do this is to create separate Google Analytics profiles.

When you use Google Analytics to track traffic on a website,… Continue reading

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Online Marketing Secrets: Driving Traffic to Your Website is Only the Beginning

Recently I received a question about driving traffic to a website in order to increase sales. Specifically, the question was, what do the “big boys” use to generate sales and leads on their sites? The big boys (and girls) like to use big advertising budgets of anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more per month.

Like Online Marketing - Girl Studying Piano Learns Best with Instructor

Want to learn to play the piano? You'll be more successful with an instructor. Online marketing is the same. Hire a consultant if you want to do it right.

They spend this on traditional advertising, of course, like TV, magazines and newspaper ads. Online they spend their budgets on Google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising, display advertising (graphical ads), search engine optimization, and professional graphic designers and “user experience” designers. They also spend good money on web analytics packages like Omniture, Webtrends, and the new Google Analytics Premium. In addition to their giant advertising budgets, they pay salaried employees and independent consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to plan, implement, manage and…  Continue reading

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Five Keys to Generating New Business with Online Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategy is Essential for Your Business

Recently I gave an online seminar on Five Keys to Generating New Business with Online Marketing. Here’s an outline of what we covered. A video of the seminar will be available soon.

1. Your Value Proposition and Your Business Goals

What is Your Value Proposition?

You need to be able to say what your business does, why people need it, and how it is different from competitors. Use % and $ to make this clear. Continue reading

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SEO 101: When Bad Title Tags Happen to Good Websites

Some search engine optimization techniques are difficult. Others are not. It’s easy to find otherwise well-built, engaging websites with really bad SEO. By “really bad”, I just mean completely neglected or overlooked. HTML title tags are a frequently neglected aspect of SEO that, when fixed, can have an immediate impact on search rankings. On most sites built with content management systems like WordPress, fixing a bad title tag takes 2 minutes and a little keyword research.

Smashing Ideas sitelinks in Google search resultsHere’s an example. Smashing Ideas is a cutting edge digital media agency that makes smartphone apps and other cool stuff. Their website looks great. It’s well built, easy to use. Information is easy to find. One way to check the health of a website – its ease of use and visibility in search engines – is to see if it shows up with sitelinks in Google search results. It does. Click the image at right to see what sitelinks for SmashingIdeas.com looks like. (Read more…) Continue reading

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Online Marketing & Gamification by Design

How Important is Marketing Gamification to a Robust Online Marketing Plan?

The following is an interview with Gabe Zichermann, author of the new book Gamification by Design. Every marketer needs to stay on top of trends. Gamification is a trend in web and mobile design that is big and getting bigger. My sincere thanks to Gabe for the opportunity to conduct this interview.

Mark McLaren: When I first read the title of your book, Gamification by Design, my reaction was, “Won’t be reading that!” I associated it with online games, “gamers”, massively multiplayer online games. I don’t know. Video games are not my thing. So I thought I wouldn’t be able to relate. But I clearly didn’t know what the word “gamification” meant! Do you have a short and sweet statement for people who think you are talking about gaming or video games or something only kids know about? The importance of gamification for marketers and business decision-makers is hard to overstate.

Gabe Zichermann: The definition I use to help folks better understand the term is this – Gamification is the process of using game thinking and game mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems. We’re not talking about solving the next puzzle or level in a video game, but solving real world problems like how to keep employees engaged and motivated, how to keep customers coming back to your website, and more.
Continue reading

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Is a Listing in Yahoo Directory a Valuable Link? Yes. Worth the Cost? It Depends

Yahoo Directory - Should you pay to list your site here?

One way to improve your site’s search engine optimization is to submit it to online directories. Some directories are more respected than others. One of the most widely respected online directories is Yahoo. Should you pay $300 – $450 a year to list your website in the Yahoo Directory? Probably not. Continue reading

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Using Footer Links for Search Engine Optimization

Footer Links on McBuzz.com - an easy way to boost Search Engine Opimization

Example of Footer Links on McBuzz.com: an easy way to boost Search Engine Opimization

Can you use links in the footer of your website to improve search engine rankings? If those footer links go to internal pages on your own website, the answer is absolutely yes.

I have read on some SEO sites that footer links are not as helpful to SEO as they once were. Continue reading

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Farewell Steve Jobs

Today one of the world’s greatest technologists and innovators passed away at the age of 56. Our sincere condolences go out to his friends and family. Farewell, Steve Jobs. You changed the world of design – for good. Continue reading

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