Innovative Food Website BigOven – Seattle Success Story

Seattle entrepreneur Steve Murch has been getting lots of attention for the success of his food website According to the site, it’s a “social network about food that makes you a better cook.”

You can find new recipes using a search engine that gathers material from all over the Web. The site is particularly good at helping you cook meals with leftovers. You can post and rate your favorite recipes with other cooks around the world. And you can download award-winning recipe software for Windows and the iPhone!

They have been getting press coverage that most startups would give their eyeteeth for. Read more on Steve Murch’s blog, and check out this short TV piece about BigOven on ABC Evening News Los Angeles.

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Great Free Font Tool: Find Fonts Online with Identifont

Identifont is a free online tool you can use to figure out the name of a font when all you have is a sample on a Web page or in print. If you have ever racked your brain trying to purchase or download a font that matches one you have seen somewhere, check out this free Web-based tool at

Identifont walks you through a series of questions and lets you choose the characteristics of letters, numbers and symbols until you find the font you are looking for — or one that closely resembles it.

Identifont Web-based font finding tool

The easy-to-use, Web-based interface on walks you
through a series of questions until you find the font you are looking for.

The tool works best when you have a full set of letters, numbers and symbols to refer to. If you only have a limited number of lower-case letters in a logo or tagline, for instance, you will have a harder time choosing characters that match.

Before buying a font you like, check to see if a free download is available. Click here for several free font resources on

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