My 5 Favorite "How to Use Twitter for Business" Posts

The series called “How Not to Use Twitter” is rolling along. I would love your contributions. Meanwhile, on a more positive note, I’ve been thinking about ways to introduce people to Twitter.

Laura Fitton has a new book for “beginners” – which is about 90% of us! Twitter for Dummies.

There are literally thousands of Twitter how-to’s online. Here are my favorites, in no particular order. I’m hoping to get your suggestions about more. Rowse, Brogan, Stelzner, Owyang, Walling of ReadWriteWeb – these are all some of social media’s best and brightest. Definitely follow them in one way or another.

ProBlogger: How to Use Twitter – Tips for Bloggers

Chris Brogan: 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

CopyBlogger: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

ReadWriteWeb: How to Use Twitter for Business: An Official Guide Finally Arrives

Jeremiah Owyang: How I use Twitter, and you?

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How Not To Use Twitter

I’m posting some Twitter gaffs over on If you haven’t tried Posterous, check it out. You can post almost anything – blog-style – by sending an email to

The first one is called “Mr. Redundant”. It’s the guy – or gal – on Twitter that feels the need to tweet more than a couple times about his latest amazing blog post. Apparently, the first couple of tweets didn’t drive much traffic. It’s best to concentrate on reading other people’s blogs for a while and commenting there, golden rule-like.

The second installment is called “The Gratuitous Autogenerated ‘Thanks for following'”.

Here’s another: The “Hey, look, someone really likes me” retweet.

What are some of your favorite missteps on Twitter? Share ’em up (in the comments below or anywhere else you like) and I will post them!

Here’s “The utterly self-absorbed, Don’t-you-wish-you-knew-what-I’m-talking-about? tweet

The Unintentionally Redundant Double-Followed Tweet

and “The ‘I will retweet to win’ tweet.

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