Powerful Marketing Via Mobile and Web: Use Your Target Audience's Short Attention Span to Your Advantage

Mobile and Web Marketing - Your Audience Has a Short Attention Span!

Checking Email during breakfast? Maybe. Studies show that more people are browsing the Web more often via mobile device. Knowing this, marketers can create successful online content using a rule called "The Bottom Line".

Want to do Powerful Marketing via Mobile and Web? Here’s your target audience summed up in Three Magic Words: Short Attention Span.

Most people don’t read anymore. They skim. You already knew this. But are you applying this knowledge to your marketing efforts every day? Probably not. Instead, when you or your marketing team sets out to build a page of content, you go back to tried and true methods you have been using since high school: You write your Headline or Title (h1 tag), you write your Topic Sentence (or maybe not!), First Paragraph, Second Paragraph, and so on. If you really knock yourself out, you might add an image or a subheading.

Here’s the point (right here on the page you are now reading) where most readers have already decided if they will continue reading or not. If they don’t immediately see the value in what you are saying… Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Strategies: Think Like Your Customers with Maps and Tablets

Three articles in the Seattle Times caught my attention today:

  1. Microsoft’s new tablet, called Microsoft Surface
  2. A technology feature column about Microsoft Surface and what it means for the future of Microsoft
  3. Apple’s new push to replace Google Maps with its own mobile mapping technology
Google currently owns most of the map data you see on your iPhone.

Google currently owns most of the map data you see on your iPhone. The fact that Apple will take control of its mobile map data later this year shows how important this data is for your business.

Each of these is a huge story in itself. Together, they tell us something very important about where personal – and business – computing and communications are going.

As a business owner or someone in marketing, you need to think of your business in terms of how users experience it on a mobile device. Think about building or redesigning your website for mobile users. You need a separate site for mobile, or you need a site that renders appropriately depending on the device of the user. In either case, this means designing with mobile search in mind.

Search engine optimization and usability (“user experience or UX”) are, more and more, becoming one and the same thing. Don’t just think of using keywords or getting links Continue reading

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