Farewell Steve Jobs

Today one of the world’s greatest technologists and innovators passed away at the age of 56. Our sincere condolences go out to his friends and family. Farewell, Steve Jobs. You changed the world of design – for good. Continue reading

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Social Media and Social Transformation via the Internet: The Cluetrain Manifesto

On the “Reading Social Media” Book Club Blog, Veronica Sopher and Maya Bisineer have posted my summary and review of The Cluetrain Manifesto. The Cluetrain Manifesto is a social media classic that was written before the term “social media” even existed: way, way back in 1999-2000. It says everything that’s now familiar to us social media types. But it’s not written as a book on marketing or business; it’s about the Internet and its implications for the way humans – mainly humans in corporate America, but really all humans living in industrialized countries – communicate.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Summary and review of The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual
by Mark McLaren

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Vote for McBuzz’s Mark McLaren for Ignite WordCamp Seattle

If you love McBuzz, head over to the WordCamp Seattle website and vote for one or both of Mark McLaren’s proposed Ignite WordCamp Seattle presentation topics!


You’ll find a link that says “View Poll”. Click there to take the poll. Estimated time required: 60 seconds. Estimated brain power required: 0.01 calories.

I’ve got an opportunity to present at WordCamp Seattle (a conference for users and developers of WordPress), and voting is open to members of my social network.

My topics are:

The Untimely Demise of the Webmaster, a Historical Journey, as Told by Stephen Colbert

WordPress and the Social Web

Thank you!

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Social Media Camp Seattle

Social Media Camp Seattle

Mark McLaren and McBuzz Communications will be participating in Social Media Camp Seattle on Saturday, July 12. The “Camp” is really a bunch of presentations given by anyone who feels up to the challenge. It should be very informative, with lots of fun and great networking. Come check it out!

Everything works on a volunteer basis. The organizers invite local authorities on Blogging, Podcasting, Live Streaming, and New Media and “give them the stage – BarCamp Style – to share what they know with the world.” The guiding principle of BarCamp is that “Attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one.” Attending a session is, I have found, a form of helping. So if you don’t feel up to the task of doing more than that, don’t worry.

This is a one-day deal. There are no sleep-overs or any of that planned. So don’t worry about bringing a sleeping bag (though some BarCamp info talks about doing so).

There will be a beginner track (for Blogging 101 and such), and an advanced track (with topics like What is Social Capital – and Why Should I Care?).

You can see proposed session topics here.

Here is the topic I’m proposing:

Using a Free Blogging Service versus Blogging on Your Own Hosted Site –
How to Decide which One is Best for You

Your input prior to the event would be greatly appreciated!

Links to the Social Media Camp Website
At times, the Social Media Camp Seattle website chokes so you may get an error if you click the first link below. (If so, try the second link.) I’m hoping this is a good sign, like: Social Media Camp Seattle is so wildly popular that their site just can’t handle all the traffic it’s getting.

Social Media Camp Seattle website

Social Media Camp Seattle information on Upcoming

There is also a big networking event that evening. This looks like it will be well worth attending.


My biggest challenge is knowing whether to spell “Social Media Camp Seattle” with or without spaces. Fortunately, Google seems to have figured out that both forms refer to the same thing.

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Introduction to Web 2.0 — Seminar in Seattle

Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications and Wayne Bishop, owner of Arbutus Software Inc., creator of Joint Contact, will present “Introducing Web 2.0”, a seminar offering an overview of new developments in online marketing and collaboration using social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and RSS.

Introducing Web 2.0 will be held on Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at the Community Center at Mercer View, Mercer Island, Seattle. This is the fifth time we have offered the seminar.

Here’s what Jennifer Shelton, Director of the Small Business Development Center at Edmonds Community College, had to say about it:

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, and I have invited Wayne and Mark to be part of our training series for business owners in East and North King and Snohomish Counties.”

“Social Networking”, “Social Media”, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, blogs, wikis, Podcasting, RSS, XML. The Web 2.0 movement has ushered in a host of new technology and business opportunities that can leave one feeling dizzy and confused. In our 60 minute seminar you’ll learn the basics about popular Internet trends that can help you promote and manage your business.

For more information, see the Introducing Web 2.0 web page, or RSVP on the Biznik website.

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McBuzz Communications Joins Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

McBuzz Communications LLC joined the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce in December 2007. We are looking forward to being a part of this very active organization and the thriving Seattle Eastside business environment it represents. Bellevue is a city of roughly 118,000 that, along with Kirkland and Redmond, belongs to the booming Eastern side of Washington State’s King County.

The Bellevue Chamber sets high standards. It responds quickly to requests from its members and prospective members. It does a great job of communicating with the business community about networking opportunities and other events and resources. And it understands the importance of growing its membership.

The majority of the Chamber’s membership is small businesses and consultancies, which is a great fit for McBuzz.

Here’s the McBuzz Communications company profile on the Chamber website.

With backing from organizations like the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, McBuzz is looking forward to a great 2008.

Just as a side note, the Bellevue Chamber also excells from a web marketing standpoint. The McBuzz Communications company profile was online the same day we joined! And it was indexed by Google in about 24 hours. That is good stuff — because an incoming link from the Chamber is good for search ranking, and it also simply means that McBuzz can be found immediately by searching the Chamber’s website, or by Googling (or Yahooing) keywords like “bellevue chamber mclaren” or “bellevue chamber mcbuzz”. This is not the case with all Chamber of Commerce websites — but it should be.

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McBuzz Communications Moves to Seattle, WA

It’s official. McBuzz Communications LLC has moved its offices to Seattle, Washington.

Here is our new address:
2701 California Ave. SW #269
Seattle, WA 98116

Our toll free phone number remains the same: (800) 209-2919.

We will continue to serve our customers in Pittsburgh, of course, with the same courtesy and attention to detail we have always provided. (Pittsburgh customers can still use the (412) 344-2328 phone number.)

Face-to-face meetings outside the Seattle area will require a little more advance planning. Otherwise — business as usual!

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McBuzz.com 2.0 Will Launch Soon

McBuzz Communications will launch mcbuzz.com 2.0 in a few days. Until then, please visit the current mcbuzz.com website.

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