Google Analytics: How to Add a New User to a Google Analytics Account

NOTE: This page needs an update. Until then, you can refer to the Google support page for instructions.
Here’s how to add a new user to your Google Analytics account. You can give anyone access as long as they have a Google account. You can give them “View reports only” access or you can give them “Account Administrator” access. The latter allows the user to add and delete other account users, create filters and change other settings on the account.

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Above: login to Google Analytics and click the Admin button (upper right). Click on your account/domain name to see the next administration window.

Click on the Users tab.

Click on the +New User button.

Insert an email address for the new user. The address must be associated with a Google account. Select User or Administrator. Administrators have full access to the account, including the ability to add and delete users.

See the instructions on the Google Analytics support site.

Need instructions for the old Google Analytics dashboard?
Show Instructions for the old Google Analytics dashboard

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Main Google Analytics DashboardAbove: the main dashboard you see when you login to Google Analytics. Click on your account/domain name to see the next administration window.

Google Analytics Dashboard Add User LinkThis is the Google Analytics administration window where you see the account number for your Google Analytics account. Below that you can see the link to “User Manager”.

Admin Dashboard Add User to Google Analytics AccountWhen you click the “User Manager” link, you’ll see the User Manager window where you can click the “Add user” button.

Google Analytics Admin Dashboard Create a New UserTo add a new user to your Google Analytics account, follow these steps as shown in the screen shot above.

  1. Enter the new user’s email address. This must be an email address associated with a Google account.
  2. Select the option to give the user “View reports only” access or “Account Administrator” access.
  3. In the left window, select the account or accounts you want to give the user access to. Then click the “Add” button. To undo a user’s access to an account, select the account in the window on the right and click “Remove”.
  4. Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button.

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This is short and easy

Great! So how does the user access the reports?

@osxxso – They sign in to the Google Analytics dashboard with their Google account email address and password.

For those who are no longer using the “classic” interface of GA, the following link shows instruction for adding users to your account:

Mark McLaren

Sep 27, 2012

7:26 AM

Thanks to the prompt from “chinkchink”, I have updated the images and instructions above to include the current Google Analytics dashboard interface. In other words, we’re all fresh and up-to-date!

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