Add Social Media Buttons to Your WordPress Website

A reader just asked about How to Add Social Media Buttons to a WordPress Website. The Google+1 and Facebook “Like” button are important ways to gain visibility for your blog, your brand and your business. Although it’s still fairly new, Google+1 looks like it could become an important factor for sharing and, just as important, for ranking in search results. So it’s a good idea to get on board.

Please add your insights and suggestions for other resources in the comments below. Here’s my answer:

There are many ways to add social media buttons to a website. WordPress plugins make it fairly easy, but sometimes these plugins conflict and wind up showing in the wrong place on your pages, or pushing content too far down the page, or leaving big gaps of white space. If you encounter things like this, you may have to resort to manually modifying the code for your theme files, like the single.php file. If you want to add them at the end of your posts, I recommend ShareThis has a plugin for WordPress.

You might need different code in order to add a Facebook “Like” button, but check this post first:
Here are some other options:

Also check out Yoast (a great guy and a great search engine optimization and WordPress resource, generally)
and while you are at it, consider adding a Google+1 button. Maybe ShareThis has +1 covered now. If so, you are in luck! It’s a good idea to keep current by adding a +1 button.

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I’m still searching for the perfect social plugin for WP. I’ve got a couple going on my blog now and it looks more than a little messy. I do have the G+ on my Follow Me, but I would like everything in one place. Surely there’s an answer out there. Will be following for suggestions.

@Anita – I hear you! Social media buttons are out of control. AddToAny and ShareThis help keep things in one place and you can remove buttons you don’t want. I’m waiting to hear from a dev I contacted about a floating tab with Google+, Twitter, etc. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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