Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Tutorial Presentation

WordPress SEO – WordCamp Portland 2010 – Full-Length Video

Mark McLaren on 5 Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with WordPress – These Tips Apply to All Websites

Here is a video of my presentation at WordCamp Portland in September 2010 covering Search Engine Optimization using WordPress. Much of the presentation focuses on a basic working example of what constitutes good SEO, using titles from the support forum to show why some web content works and other content fails miserably.

The presentation also stresses the importance of link building for search engine optimization. The number and quality of links to your website from other websites is the number one factor used by Google and other search engines to rank your site. Finding ways to grow the number of these “inbound” links is essential to SEO success!

Choosing a good set of keywords – the words you use on your site to tell people about your business and what you do – is also critical to SEO success, so I spend a good bit of time on that.

SEO Presentation Outline:

  1. Choose Good Keywords
  2. Build Inbound Links
  3. Use Detailed, Keyword-rich HTML Page Titles
  4. Turn on Permalinks in WordPress Settings
  5. Create Engaging, Well-structured On-page Content with Video, Slides and Keywords in Headings, Bullets, Links

Included at the end of the presentation slides are links to Search Engine Optimization Resources – for link building, tracking inbound links, tracking search ranking of pages on your site for various keywords, best tools for keyword research, using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for search engine optimization and so forth.

Here is a link to the slides:Search Engine Optimization for WordPress – WordCamp Portland 2010 (3 MB PDF)

Huge thanks to Joe Christensen and Peter Schmidt at Portland Video Broadcasting and Recording Company Blaze Streaming Media for the awesome live stream, video recording and production work they did for WordCamp Portland.

You can find the original video on Mark McLaren: Get Found Easier and Grow Your Business — 5 Tips for Better SEO

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Thanks for the presentation. Very helpful for me 🙂

Thank you for a clear and extremely helpful presentation; it is worth so much and is easy to take in. Love the sock puppets and am curious about your vision of the role they were going to play! I’m planning on finger puppets in my art videos.

@Lillian Kennedy – Thanks! I had grand visions of SEO parables starring Bill Gates and Sergey Brin as sock puppets. Next time!

Very useful and interesting presentation!

Helpful SEO tips, real examples and clearly explained. Convincing presentation: inspiring for wordpress bloggers! Thankyou !!

Cheers Mark
The inbound links are always difficult, especially the quality ones.

I’ll take a look at the video when I have the time.
Forty two minutes is really going to play havoc with your bandwidth usage.

Excellent presentation Mark, I thought your slow speech speed would make me give up and go make breakfast, but after a few minutes I got used to it and it does give a chance for the audience to think about and file your points in their brains.

I agree with everything you say regarding the importance of SEO’ed permalinks, titles, keywords and of course keyword-rich quality do-follow backlinks.

The race to google page 1 is a hedious one. SEO is premordial for the health of your website. Thanks, my passage here was very fruitful to me.

Thanks for sharing this.Very nice presentation.

Hey Mark. Incredibly useful video – got lots of great tips.
To my shame I had “Home” as my page title on my, er, home page.
I’ve now changed it to reflect what I do – pr and copywriting.
Will get there in the end!
Thanks so much

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