More Great Home Pages that Drive You to Take Action

Following up on Friday’s post, Search Marketing 101: Home Pages that Drive You to Take Action, here are more home pages that do a great job of telling you what the business does and how to take action.

Birchbox Home Page - McBuzz Search Marketing 101Birchbox

  • Nice slogan: “Delivering Beauty Better”
  • Bullet points to tell you exactly what the slogan means
  • Prominent call to action button: Join Now

Text follows below for those who want more info. And it looks like a new site is on the way, presumably with more about things like membership benefits. Right now these aren’t visible until you click the “Join Now” button. Not everyone will click the button, so this is a bit of a barrier to further exploration. Links to About Us and FAQs are hidden at the bottom of the page.

Note the active voice of the bullets – instead of “Hand-picked samples are delivered to your door…”, for example. Standard graphic design rules say use 3 or 5 bullet points instead of 2 or 4. How about:

  • Get hand-picked samples delivered to your door monthly
  • Discover what you love
  • Buy with confidence

I’m guessing Twitter and Facebook buttons are on the way, too.

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