How Not To Use Twitter

I’m posting some Twitter gaffs over on If you haven’t tried Posterous, check it out. You can post almost anything – blog-style – by sending an email to

The first one is called “Mr. Redundant”. It’s the guy – or gal – on Twitter that feels the need to tweet more than a couple times about his latest amazing blog post. Apparently, the first couple of tweets didn’t drive much traffic. It’s best to concentrate on reading other people’s blogs for a while and commenting there, golden rule-like.

The second installment is called “The Gratuitous Autogenerated ‘Thanks for following'”.

Here’s another: The “Hey, look, someone really likes me” retweet.

What are some of your favorite missteps on Twitter? Share ’em up (in the comments below or anywhere else you like) and I will post them!

Here’s “The utterly self-absorbed, Don’t-you-wish-you-knew-what-I’m-talking-about? tweet

The Unintentionally Redundant Double-Followed Tweet

and “The ‘I will retweet to win’ tweet.

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I don’t think it works well, when you use twitter for pouring out news and jam the channel with links to your website. I think twitter works, when you are listening and contributing: @karinhoegh @mitchjoel @ingvardsen are great examples…

Thanks for your comments. I agree! And I added another Twitter how-not-to above: The “Hey, look, someone really likes me” retweet. These are subjective, of course. But it’s my blog, gosh darn it!

How about the “I write naughty emails but haven’t written a single tweet”?
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Hi Brett,
You’re referring to spammy fake accounts that link to “adult dating” web pages and that sort of thing.

People with thousands of followers often have links to profiles like this on their Twitter home page because they use an auto-follow responder to follow anyone that follows them. Free advertising for adult dating & porn sites! You can send Twitter’s @spam account a message to let them know about this kind of shady profile.

The “How Not to” in this case is about using a Twitter auto-follow responder. Unless you or someone else has time to cull through your new followers on a regular basis, don’t do it! Having spammy followers with provocative or offensive avatar pics on your Twitter home page just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing or you are using Twitter for the wrong reasons. It’s like having a banner ad for Hustler magazine showing up on your corporate website home page. Not cool.

I’ve only recently started to cull through my followers and ban those that provide no value. Many don’t engage at all. I’ve never used an auto-follow program and this would be a good reason to never do that.

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