Social Media Camp Seattle

Social Media Camp Seattle

Mark McLaren and McBuzz Communications will be participating in Social Media Camp Seattle on Saturday, July 12. The “Camp” is really a bunch of presentations given by anyone who feels up to the challenge. It should be very informative, with lots of fun and great networking. Come check it out!

Everything works on a volunteer basis. The organizers invite local authorities on Blogging, Podcasting, Live Streaming, and New Media and “give them the stage – BarCamp Style – to share what they know with the world.” The guiding principle of BarCamp is that “Attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one.” Attending a session is, I have found, a form of helping. So if you don’t feel up to the task of doing more than that, don’t worry.

This is a one-day deal. There are no sleep-overs or any of that planned. So don’t worry about bringing a sleeping bag (though some BarCamp info talks about doing so).

There will be a beginner track (for Blogging 101 and such), and an advanced track (with topics like What is Social Capital – and Why Should I Care?).

You can see proposed session topics here.

Here is the topic I’m proposing:

Using a Free Blogging Service versus Blogging on Your Own Hosted Site –
How to Decide which One is Best for You

Your input prior to the event would be greatly appreciated!

Links to the Social Media Camp Website
At times, the Social Media Camp Seattle website chokes so you may get an error if you click the first link below. (If so, try the second link.) I’m hoping this is a good sign, like: Social Media Camp Seattle is so wildly popular that their site just can’t handle all the traffic it’s getting.

Social Media Camp Seattle website

Social Media Camp Seattle information on Upcoming

There is also a big networking event that evening. This looks like it will be well worth attending.

My biggest challenge is knowing whether to spell “Social Media Camp Seattle” with or without spaces. Fortunately, Google seems to have figured out that both forms refer to the same thing.

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