McBuzz Communications Joins Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

McBuzz Communications LLC joined the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce in December 2007. We are looking forward to being a part of this very active organization and the thriving Seattle Eastside business environment it represents. Bellevue is a city of roughly 118,000 that, along with Kirkland and Redmond, belongs to the booming Eastern side of Washington State’s King County.

The Bellevue Chamber sets high standards. It responds quickly to requests from its members and prospective members. It does a great job of communicating with the business community about networking opportunities and other events and resources. And it understands the importance of growing its membership.

The majority of the Chamber’s membership is small businesses and consultancies, which is a great fit for McBuzz.

Here’s the McBuzz Communications company profile on the Chamber website.

With backing from organizations like the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, McBuzz is looking forward to a great 2008.

Just as a side note, the Bellevue Chamber also excells from a web marketing standpoint. The McBuzz Communications company profile was online the same day we joined! And it was indexed by Google in about 24 hours. That is good stuff — because an incoming link from the Chamber is good for search ranking, and it also simply means that McBuzz can be found immediately by searching the Chamber’s website, or by Googling (or Yahooing) keywords like “bellevue chamber mclaren” or “bellevue chamber mcbuzz”. This is not the case with all Chamber of Commerce websites — but it should be.

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Congratulations McBuzz!

I hope that your membership to the Bellevue Chamber pays you great dividends.

If you want to reach small business owners on the Eastside, you want to advertise in Eastside Business newspaper. (

For many great (mostly FREE) networking events, check out

Thanks for the welcome, Joe. I will check out and BizNik

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