AdWords™ Keyword Quality Score Linked to Landing Page Load Time

The importance of landing page load time for positive user experience is widely acknowledged. People don’t like to wait for web pages to load. Given the choice between a quick-loading page and a slow-loading page with similar content, people will naturally prefer the quick page — even if it’s only a subconscious part of their experience on a site.

Google AdWords now gives website owners one more reason to take this seriously: AdWords Keyword Quality Scores now include landing page load time. Hence, advertisers whose landing pages have long load times will pay more for keyword bids than those with faster-loading landing pages.

For more, see Google AdWords Help article “How does load time affect my landing page quality?” Thanks to Web Pro News for their post on this topic.

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Ok but what’s a fast loading website? is there any standard? Let’s say a 1sec?

@Paul – Page speed is an AdWords quality score factor, as is landing page load time for Google natural search results. You can read more and get links to a number of free tools to evaluate web page load time here on the Google Webmaster Central blog. The idea is to make your pages as fast as possible given your budget and other business considerations. You can check the load times of your competitors as a benchmark.

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