McBuzz Communications Moves to Seattle, WA

It’s official. McBuzz Communications LLC has moved its offices to Seattle, Washington.

Here is our new address:
2701 California Ave. SW #269
Seattle, WA 98116

Our toll free phone number remains the same: (800) 209-2919.

We will continue to serve our customers in Pittsburgh, of course, with the same courtesy and attention to detail we have always provided. (Pittsburgh customers can still use the (412) 344-2328 phone number.)

Face-to-face meetings outside the Seattle area will require a little more advance planning. Otherwise — business as usual!

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Dear McBuzz,

Thank you for your advice on the topic of ‘organic’ Vs ‘PPC’.

I am quite new to this Internet Marketing stuff and had no idea that it was possible to get indexed and ranked so quickly.

I’ve started to submit articles / blogs of late and would like to know if it’s better to keep adding articles to just one blog site (such as WordPress) or to submit an article to many different blog sites.

Would you be able to advise me on that one please.

Kind regards.


Thanks for your comments. It’s better to submit to different sites. Rather than submit the same article to different sites (which I don’t think you were suggesting — but just to be clear…) it’s important to rework an article or cover slightly different aspects of a topic when submitting to different sites, so that search engines like Google do not penalize you for putting duplicate content online. Search engines don’t like to see your name and the same exact content in multiple places. That can look like spam. It’s better to have a short blurb or introduction to an article with your name and a link to the “canonical” (as Matt Cutts puts it) copy of the article, such as a copy located on your website or whatever site you get to publish it.

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