ConversionRater on RSS, Feedburner and Clicky

The ConversionRater blog by Pat McCarthy is one of the best at keeping tabs on Web Analytics and “montization” from a non-Google-centric point of view. Pat’s discussions are geared toward web marketing professionals more than small business owners.

I will occasionally refer to his blog here in the McBuzz website. I’m mentioning this because yesterday Pat wrote about monitoring RSS feeds using a service called Clicky, and RSS is one thing McBuzz would like to expose readers to from the perspective of benefits for small business owners.

McBuzz (Mark McLaren) also maintains a blog for web professionals called the Web Marketing Pro Blog. The goal of the main website/blog at (the one you are reading right now) is to communicate with small business owners and others about ways to market their business effectively using a website, web optimized press releases, RSS feeds, and such, without getting into the gory technical details.

For gory technical details, discussion of web analytics tools like Google Analytics, coding techniques, etc., see the Web Marketing Pro Blog.


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Thanks for the nice words Mark. And I love the design of your blog here, very pleasing to the eye.

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